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How should I list my courses?  CAO
3 hours ago

WEBLevel 8 list Level 7/6 list 1 The course you want the most 2 2 Second favourite 3 Third favourite 10 10 Tenth choice Applicant receives 3rd preference Level 8 offer in Round 1. - Courses in 4th position and lower are no longer in the running. - The only courses still …

1. Course Search (2024 cours…Enter a search keyword and click on Go : The Central Applications Office (CAO) …
Course Choices Form  CAO
8 hours ago


Programmes  CAO
6 hours ago

WEB1. Click on the "Programme list" option on the left navigation bar. 2. Use the filters to search for programmes by institution, exam type, working personality or career direction OR 3. …

Handbook  CAO
8 hours ago

WEB3.Applying for a restricted course – you must have applied to CAO by 1 February 2023 at 5pm if you wish to apply for a restricted course. The restricted course must be included …

Downloads  Central Applications Office
3 hours ago

WEB2024 CAO Posters 2024 Dates and Tips: Download PDF Applying to CAO 2024 presentation: Download PDF: Slideshow: Accepting an offer versus not accepting: …

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WEB* Your completed application form and administration fee must reach the CAO on or before . the end of the months indicated. Terms and conditions apply. 1 x. R20 000. if you apply …

Applying to CAO
9 hours ago

WEBLevel 8 and Level 7/6 lists (Course Choices) • There are 2 course choice lists (Level 8 and Level 7/6) and applicants may make up to 10 course choices on each list. • Your …

Your CAO Choices Checklist  Find a Course
4 hours ago

WEBIn spring each year following application to the CAO, applicants receive a statement of application containing a summary of course choices to date. In comparison to UCAS …

Adding or editing courses / Change of Mind  CAO
2 hours ago

WEBThe Change of Mind deadline has passed, is there any way that I can change my course choices now? You must have your course choices finalised by the Change of Mind …

Course Search (2024 Level 7/6 courses)  CAO
5 hours ago

WEBCourse Search (2024 Level 7/6 courses) Search by Institution. Select by Institution and click on Go: AND. OR Search by title/keyword Do not enter either "and" or "&" in your …

Your Guide to the 2023 CAO Application Process in Ireland
6 hours ago

WEBThe form includes sections for your personal details and course choices. The course choice section is crucial. Here, you list your course preferences in order of desire. …

Choosing CAO Courses
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WEBThe Change of Mind form works in the same way as the regular CAO form. The key thing is to list your courses in order of genuine preference - always put the ones you most want …

Six key considerations in the CAO application process
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WEBJan 24, 2023 · The CAO may later offer a place on a course listed higher on your course choice list if it becomes available. It is imperative that candidates list their choices in …

CAO  Choices
2 hours ago

WEBThe data shows CAO first preference choices - and provides clues to what students across Ireland would like to study. #1. Are you surprised with the information will then be …

Changing course choices on the CAO  spunout
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WEBOnce you enter choices in your Change of Mind form, you will receive a revised Statement of Course Choice. This confirms that your new choices have been entered into your …

CAO Choices
8 hours ago

WEBCAO Choices. The first thing to think of when choosing a CAO course is what you actually want to do. If you’re interested in computers there’s not much point putting arts courses

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