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WEBJun 14, 2019 · This course will introduce students to techniques of linguistic research and analysis through direct work with a native speaker of a language not taught at Carleton. …

School of Linguistics and Language Studies  Carleton …
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WEBWelcome to Carleton University’s School of Linguistics and Language Studies, the place on campus for all things LANGUAGE. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Linguistics and in Applied …

Linguistics – Carleton College
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WEBApr 1, 2024 · Built in 1872, Willis Hall is home of the Carleton College Linguistics Department. Linguistics is the study of the remarkable human capacity to learn and use natural languages. Prominent questions …

Linguistics (LING) < Carleton University
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WEBSchool of Linguistics and Language Studies (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) Linguistics (LING) Courses To determine the scheduling and hours for summer …

Linguistics (Bachelor of Arts) < Carleton University
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WEBNote: Not all courses listed are offered in a given year.For an up-to-date statement of course offerings for the current session and to determine the term of offering, consult …

Linguistics  202324 Academic Catalog  Carleton College
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WEBLING 110 Introduction to Linguistics The capacity to acquire and use natural languages such as English is surely one of the more remarkable features of human nature. In this …

Linguistics  Carleton University
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WEBThe Linguistic Theory concentration offers advanced courses in theoretical linguistics, as well as options such as language typology, historical linguistics and linguistic field methods. School of Linguistics and …

MA Program  School of Linguistics and Language Studies
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WEBMA Program. The MA in Linguistics provides students with a solid grounding in theoretical linguistics covering the main areas of linguistic theory. It takes a uniquely …

BSc Program  School of Linguistics and Language Studies
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WEBThe School of Linguistics and Language Studies offers the following BSc Linguistics programs: Students in the BSc Linguistics program can choose from two …

Information for FirstYear Students – Linguistics  Carleton College
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WEBJul 6, 2021 · How to get started: Good beginning courses include LING 100: The Noun, LING 110: Introduction to Linguistics, and LING 115: Introduction to the Theory of …

Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies  Carleton …
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WEBThe interdisciplinary combination of Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies is Carleton’s unique approach to the study of language, bringing together several research areas that have previously had separate …

Undergraduate Special Topic courses for 20222023  Carleton …
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WEBMonday, May 30, 2022. Undergraduate Special Topic courses for 2022-2023 The School of Linguistics and Language Studies is pleased to announce two special topic LING …

Major Requirements – Linguistics – Carleton College
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WEBMar 11, 2024 · Prospective majors are encouraged to take LING 216 as sophomores, if possible. This course is offered once per year, in the winter term. The upper-level …

Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies (ALDS)  Carleton …
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WEBPrerequisite (s): third-year standing in Linguistics or Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies or Cognitive Science, or permission of the instructor. Also offered at the …

Overview – Linguistics – Carleton College
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WEBJul 6, 2021 · Linguistics at Carleton. The spring of 2010 marked the beginning of a new era for Carleton Linguistics. In fall 2009, we welcomed a second, full-time, permanent …

Linguistics (BSc)  Undergraduate Admissions  Carleton University
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WEBQualified students in Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders have the opportunity to take a practicum course that provides clinical experience in speech-language …

The Major – Linguistics – Carleton College
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WEBApr 25, 2019 · The linguistics major includes courses which investigate the amazing area of speech production and recognition. And we ask what the characteristics of sound and …

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