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Computer Science Courses

6 months ago - A broad survey of the computer science discipline, focusing on the computer's role in representing, storing, manipulating, organizing and communicating information. Topics include hardware, software, ......detail

Degree Program Information

2 years ago - The upper-division core courses comprise an intensive program of study that embraces the theories and core technologies of computer science. Beyond the core curriculum students may select related sets ......detail

Course Listing

9 months ago - An introductory course to computer programming using multimedia applications such as images, video and audio. Linear data structures representing multimedia data are manipulated with loops and ......detail

Fall 2022 Registration Recommendations

2 years ago - Here are some recommendations for courses to take based on the highest-numbered course you will have completed after spring 2022. No Computer Science, or only 112/195 You should sign up for CSCI 125, ......detail

Computer Science Bachelor of Science Degree

12 months ago - You will take a core of computer science courses that provide a solid foundation for advanced work. Building on this base, explore a variety of specializations in your third, fourth, and fifth years....detail

Course Descriptions

11 months ago - The course will be supplemented with discussions of virtualization and cloud security. Data management is core to both applied computer science and data science. This includes storing, managing, and ......detail

4 Free Online Sign Language Courses With Certificates

4 Free Online Sign Language Courses With Certificates2 days ago - Most free online ASL courses cover the basics ... These apps use interactive lessons to teach basic and conversational ASL from your computer or mobile device. How long does it take to learn ASL? It ......detail

I Took a Computer Course in the ’80s—Here’s What It Was Like

8 months ago - BASIC Computer course—the words jumped off the page at me. I scanned the pertinent details: date, time, cost, a total of 12 evening sessions. It sounded perfect. A quick phone call secured my ......detail

Minnesota high schools rank last for computer science course offerings

Minnesota high schools rank last for computer science course offerings7 days ago - Just 28 percent of Minnesota high schools offer computer science classes — less than half the national average....detail

Computer Science Major & Courses

1 year ago - At UT Computer Science, undergraduate students receive a rigorous educational experience, with options to pursue more than 50 courses that span the full spectrum of topics in modern computer science....detail

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