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Supply Chain Law and Contracts Concentration

2 years ago - The legal topics covered in the course will include but are not limited to: supply chain and procurement contracts, dispute settlement, finance, international trade, transportation, tort, ......detail

Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract

1 year ago - Contracts are promises that the law will enforce. But when will the law refuse to honor a promise? What happens when one party does not hold to their part of the deal? This version of the course ......detail

Tips on Contract Law, Becoming a Contract Lawyer

4 years ago - Because contract law is typically a required course in J.D. programs, the existence of such a class is not a differentiator between law schools, says Robert C. Bird, a professor of business law ......detail

Course Planning

8 months ago - Sequencing of Courses First year required courses are often viewed as "building blocks" from the Common Law tradition. Viewed in this light, the required Contracts course must be taken before ......detail

Course Offerings

2 years ago - They also need assistance negotiating contracts, complying with land use requirements ... There will be no final exam for this course. The Clinical Law Program provides students with hands-on, ......detail

The Law of Contract

10 months ago - This new edition has been brought fully up-to-date and will be of interest to those studying 'advanced' obligations/common law modules. Undergraduates who study contract courses with a strong ......detail

Law, Management and Entrepreneurship

6 years ago - The course will also explore legal issues involved in starting ... Contracts and Private Equity Documentation: Introduces contract law and builds on that introduction to develop an understanding of ......detail

Breach of Contract Explained: Types and Consequences

9 years ago - Damages and Legal Remedies Generally speaking, the goal of contract law is to ensure that anyone ... market or other conditions change over the course of the contract. Example of a Mutually ......detail

LAWS 1010 & 1020 ‑ Contracts and Judicial Decision Making

4 years ago - In order to fulfil the second objective, substantive rules of contract law are examined. Prerequisite(s): None. Co-requisite(s): None. Assessment Method: Students taking this course must register in ......detail

Legally Blondie: Queen’s University introduces Taylor Swift law course

Legally Blondie: Queen’s University introduces Taylor Swift law course1 day ago - Law students are in Exile waiting to register for the Taylor Swift law course. Starting in the fall semester, a new course offered by the Queen’s Faculty of Law will provide insight into ......detail

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