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WEBSearch through undergraduate Biology degree courses to see what’s available from UK universities. Each page should give you an insight into what the course might be like, along with information on entry requirements, UCAS points and university league table …

1. CambridgeCambridge - Undergraduate Natural Sciences Courses - Complete University …
2. NottinghamNottingham - Undergraduate Natural Sciences Courses - Complete University …
3. BathSearch through undergraduate Biology degree courses to see what’s available …
4. LeicesterLeicester - Undergraduate Natural Sciences Courses - Complete University Guide
5. ExeterExeter - Undergraduate Natural Sciences Courses - Complete University Guide
6. LoughboroughLoughborough - Undergraduate Natural Sciences Courses - Complete University …
Natural Sciences  Undergraduate Study
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WEBNatural Sciences at Cambridge. Natural Sciences is a broad course that gives you the opportunity to study physical and biological sciences from 16 different departments. The …

Natural Sciences  Natural Sciences degrees  UCL – …
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WEBThe Natural Sciences programmes are flexible degrees drawing together elements of physics, astrophysics, medical physics, mathematics and statistics, chemistry, earth sciences, life sciences and science and …

Natural Sciences — Birkbeck, University of London
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WEBNatural sciences is a novel interdisciplinary subject that addresses key scientific and societal challenges. At Birkbeck we provide you with state-of-the-art, specialist …

Natural Sciences  King's College London
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6 hours ago

WEBThe Natural Sciences degree is a high-quality, modern education programme with an emphasis on the power of interdisciplinary and creative, innovative thinking and scientific …

Natural Sciences BSc  Undergraduate Study  University of Exeter
8 hours ago

WEBA true Natural Sciences programme specially designed to let you work across all the sciences without pathways or boundaries. Study at the frontiers of knowledge and take …

Natural Sciences  King's College Cambridge
3 hours ago

WEBNatural Sciences is the framework within which most science subjects are taught at Cambridge. If you want to study any of the biological and physical sciences, this is the …

Natural Sciences CFG0  Durham University
1 hours ago

WEBThe BSc in Natural Sciences is one of our most flexible courses. This well-established, challenging and rewarding degree is ideal if your interests span a range of subjects …

Natural Sciences BSc  University of Leeds
3 hours ago

WEBThis course is accredited by the Society of Natural Sciences. This BSc degree is accredited as providing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in core …

Natural Sciences degree courses in UK  Whatuni
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WEBSome of the job roles that natural science graduates can eventually apply for include biotechnologist, clinical scientist, neuroscientist and pharmacologist. Compare best …

Natural Sciences BSc / MSci  University of Birmingham
1 hours ago

WEBOur prestigious Natural Sciences course is designed for talented students who want to study a variety of sciences at degree level. Each student creates their own unique …

Natural Sciences BSc  Undergraduate study  Loughborough …
3 hours ago

WEBThe Natural Sciences BSc (Hons) degree course equips you for employment in scientific and other sectors, while our MSci course (4 year or 5 year sandwich) will prepare you …

Courses by year  Natural Sciences degrees  UCL
4 hours ago

WEBCourses by year. A breakdown of the structure of the Natural Sciences degrees: Each year of study at UCL is composed of different modules. A typical "single" module is …

Natural Sciences BSc(Hons)  University of Huddersfield
5 hours ago

WEBOn this flexible course, you’ll gain a firm foundational knowledge in Natural Sciences subjects, such as chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, environmental science, and …

Natural Sciences courses  University of Bath
7 hours ago

WEBNatural Sciences allows you to study more than one science subject. Options could include biology, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology or physics. You can stay on a …

Natural Sciences BSc Hons  University of Nottingham
4 hours ago

WEBNatural sciences allows you to study a combination of science subjects, getting to experience these at university before specialising later in the degree. You'll choose a …

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences 2023/24  UEA
1 hours ago

WEBOur Natural Sciences course is ideal if you wish to study more than one area of science while retaining a larger degree of flexibility than traditional joint degrees allow. You’ll …

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