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Physician Refresher/Re-Entry Program Medical Documentation Course

1 year ago - The Medical Documentation Course is an online self-paced, in-depth program that focuses on patient evaluation, documentation of the encounter and its billing. Instruction is presented through ......detail

Medicolegal Death Investigators Training

6 months ago - Saint Louis University's 40-hour Medicolegal Death Investigators Training Course provides individuals with information on conducting scientific, systematic and thorough death scene and telephone ......detail

Online training in radiation protection

3 months ago - These e-learning courses assist professionals from Member States in building capacity in the field of radiation protection of patients. Most of them offer a certification of attendance. To access the ......detail

Pre-Medical Course Requirement

5 months ago - Social Sciences or Humanities - four semesters or six quarters. The types of courses that generally meet these requirements are: anthropology, classics, cultural studies/cross cultural studies, ......detail

University Announces Online Medical Cannabis Course For Health Professionals

1 year ago - Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I cover cannabis and hemp news, business, and culture. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced last week that it would offer a new ......detail

New Course Review Process

3 years ago - Unit(s)/School(s) should complete their internal review and approval process for their new courses in September and again optionally in February. The courses need to be submitted as new courses to the ......detail

How a Literature Course Can Help Premed Students

4 years ago - When most people hear the term premedical classes, they think about the chemistry, physics and biology courses that medical schools require students to complete prior to matriculation. The fact ......detail

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