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Chemistry Course Listing

4 years ago - This course capitalizes on the surge of interest in the scientific investigation of crime (as sparked by CSI and other television shows) and will collate the theme of forensic science with the ......detail

Courses & Syllabi

6 years ago - Available syllabi are linked in pdf format. Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. CHEM 100 Light at the Museum CHEM 103 General Chemistry I Prof. Bedford CHEM 103 General ......detail

Choosing the Right Organic Course

4 years ago - This is a survey course that cannot serve as a prerequisite to higher-level organic chemistry courses. It can serve as a course in both Thematic Sequences offered by Chemistry and Biochemistry, ......detail

First-Year Chemistry

2 years ago - What Chemistry Course Should I Take? First-year students may be placed into a chemistry course by their home department prior to arriving at Michigan Tech, but this can be adjusted during orientation ......detail

Majoring in Chemistry

4 years ago - Stan Ching has taught a wide variety of chemistry courses, including lectures and laboratories for General Chemistry, Advanced General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and ......detail

Master of Science in Chemistry

9 years ago - For an MS with thesis, include 12 credits (4 courses) of laboratory research. For an NTMS without thesis, choose any 4 graduate (5000 level or higher) chemistry courses (worth the final 12 credits to ......detail

Chemistry Awards

7 years ago - Sponsored by the Polymer Education Committee of the American Chemical Society to honor outstanding achievement in the Organic Chemistry I, II and III course sequence. **Sponsored by the American ......detail

Doctorate (PhD) in Chemistry

2 years ago - Requirements of the doctoral degree in chemistry program include coursework, candidacy examinations, a chemical information retrieval or technical writing course, and successful completion of a ......detail

Chemistry Assessment

3 years ago - To help students prepare for college-level chemistry courses at UT Austin, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and the Department of Chemistry have prepared a Chemistry Readiness Program. The ......detail

Thompson Rivers University gets ready to launch Master of Arts in Human Rights and Social Justice

2 years ago - It’s why the Dean of Arts at Thompson Rivers University (TRU), Dr. Richard ... “The curriculum has core courses, which are very specially designed for human rights and social justice purposes ......detail

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